Quadri Feature Catalog

The Quadri Feature Catalog is one of the main building bricks of the Quadri object oriented Infrastructure Information Model. The Feature Catalog is modelled using industry-standard ISO 19100 series. You can browse through all the different feature types - directly in your browser.

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Search fast. Just start typing.

You can search for feature types or attributes, either by keywork or by PID (Permanent ID). You'll immediately see the results underneath the searchbox. If you click search or hit Enter, the search result pane appears underneath. From there you can select a feature or an attribute type.

Switch language or version. With just one click.

In the upper right corner, you can see and select from all the available languages in the currently selected feature catalog. This will load the same view in the selected language. You can also select another available feature catalog from the dropdown menu. This will reload the page with the selected feature catalog.

Works on all your devices. See for yourself.

The Quadri Feature Catalog is viewable on all devices thanks to responsive webdesign. It offers a specialized view to the device you're using. Now you have a browsable Feature Catalog right in your pocket.